Social Media Usage, Tahriib (Migration), and Settlement among Somali Refugees in France. (2013)

This is a field study, from France conducted in 2011. Studies focusing on the uses of ICT by refugees during migration and settlement are described as limited. The Aim for this study in particular is to increase the understanding of the role played by social media in the migratory trajectory of Somali refugees in France.

The conclusion is that refugees know how to use social media, contrary to prevailing clichés.’
Use of social media by Somalis and their knowledge of computer- technology paint a contrast with the stereotypical and sordid images that are usually associated with refugees. The majority of participants used Cyber-cafés throughout their journey for access to internet and telephones. They use it actively to search for information on European asylum policies. As well as news from home, YouTube, Facebook and Skype. They are also accustomed to watching television with channels such as BBC news and Aljazeera television, which prepare them in some way for the new culture and their new life. It is important to note that the findings show a gap in knowledge after the age of 40. However, with the target group in the Advenus project, this study can be of relevance.

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