Zarko Vuruna

Current position: Advisory board member at Community Development Institute – Macedonia and member of the CDI general assembly.

Zarko Vuruna, has arrived in Macedonia from Mostar, Bosnia in 1992 after the armed conflict started in the city of Mostar. After his arrival, he was registered with Red Cross as a refugee from Bosnia as a victim of the armed conflict.

Zarko has continued his secondary education at Auto traffic school center “Boro Petrusevski” in the city of Skopje and he graduated with the degree as traffic technician.

After graduation, Zarko Vuruna received documents and he got possibility for employment at local company for spare parts for vehicles.

Ever since he arrived in Tetovo, Macedonia, he was actively involved within the CDI, and he provided valuable input and support to the activities related to the migrants and refugees. His involvement was specifically important in the work with refugees from former Yugoslav republics (Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo) as well as with internally displaced persons during the armed conflict in Macedonia in 2001.

Zarko Vuruna speaks Serbo-Croatian and Macedonian language.

Zarko Vuruna lives in Tetovo, married and he is a father of two children.

Currently he works for AMD-Tetovo as a technician for technical control of the vehicles.