Webinar 26th May at 12:00 noon CEST (GMT+2)

Free On-line Training Resources adapted for Adult Refugees: An introduction for educators

The ADVENUS project aims to improve and extend the offer of high quality, culturally sensitive open access e-learning resources to adult refugees between the ages of 18-40 years and their trainers and teachers in EU countries. Based on interviews and trials with refugees and their teachers in four European countries, the Advenus project has adapted five online courses for refugees, where the overall objective is to strenghten employability and inclusion in their new host countries. The webinar will focus on how you as an educator can make use of these free resources, and also share challenges and experiences.

Link to Invitation leaflet (PDF)

Webinar Programme

Facilitated by Professor Roger Slee and the Advenus Partners

Part I
Welcome by facilitators – live in Webinar
• Goal of the webinar
• Goal of the Advenus project
• Who are the facilitators

Part II
Introduction – educational challenges for refugees by professor Roger Slee and professor
Stephen Dobson
Sharing experiences (1): What is culturally responsive pedagogy? By Uporto University
Sharing experiences (2): Procedures and tools for observing refugees’ course interactions by LUMSA University

Part III
Presentation of the Advenus courses

  • How to write a CV
  • Using the Internet to find a job and to learn
  • Dealing with money – Private economy
  • Saving the world from my neighbourhood (reduce, reuse and recycle)
  • Let’s eat! (Food consciousness)

Part IV
Discussion and feedback

Webinar details

When: May 26th, 12.00 noon CEST (GMT+2)
Where: Online – wherever you like!
Connection details: connect.uninett.no/advenus
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Registration for the webinar: Email to linda.tangen.bjorge@inn.no
Duration: Approximately one hour
Price: Free
To obtain a recording of the Webinar please visit this link after the webinar

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Step one, visit connect.uninett.no/advenus

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