The LIBE legacy and Advenus

The LIBE project (Supporting Lifelong Learning with Inquiry Based Education) was a two-year project funded within the Lifelong Learning Programme by the European Commission in 2014-2015. The project aimed at designing, developing and trying out, in three different countries in Europe (Italy, Portugal, Norway), an innovative e-learning management system devoted to improve key information processing skills for ICT (literacy, numeracy and problem solving), with an inquiry-based approach to learning. The target group were low educational achievers aged 16-24. Six courses were developed, composed of 32 Multimedia Presentations and 125 Learning Objects.

Advenus brings the legacy of the LIBE project with a desire to expand the target groups for the courses to included refugees.  The aim is to improve and extend the offer of high quality, culturally sensitive open access e-learning resources to adult refugees and their trainers and teachers in EU countries.

In this project the LIBE e-learning resources are trialled and validated so that they are inter-culturally sensitive to the needs of different refugee groups and to cultures of the countries in which they find themselves.